Scrap-It Program – Get $6,000 for Your Old Vehicle!

Choose to be Free From Your Gasoline or Diesel Fuel-Based Vehicle… FOREVER!
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Is driving a ZERO emission vehicle important to you or your family? Are you thinking about saving money at the gas pump, while becoming more environmentally aware?

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  • Right now, receive an additional Carter discount of $500, PLUS SAVE $6,000* courtesy of the vehicle Scrap-it Program, PLUS receive an additional $8,000 ($5,000 Federal Government rebate and $3,000 Provincial Government rebate) reduction… for a total of $14,500 in SAVINGS towards your new electric vehicle!

What is the Scrap-It program?

  • The Scrap-It program provides financial incentives (up to$6,000) for residents of British Columbia to scrap their high polluting vehicles for an electric vehicle and other low carbon forms of transportation.
  • During 2019 the Scrap-It program was able to provide residents of BC 1,500 incentives towards the purchase of new and used electric vehicles. During 2020 the program aims to increase the number of new and used electric vehicle incentives.

Does your old vehicle qualify?

  • All applicant(s) must be the registered owner(s) of the vehicle being scrapped.
  • All applicants must be able to provide evidence from ICBC that they have had continuous driving insurance (not including storage) on their vehicle, as the registered owners, for the 6 month period from the date they apply to the program, backward.

Is the Scrap-it Program a government-backed incentive?

  • No, Scrap-It is a not-for-profit independent society that relies on private funding, grants, and contributions from a variety of sources as well as program partners in order to offer incentives to customers.

Fast Facts – Did you know?

  • Vehicle Testing results show the worst polluting 1995 model year and older vehicles produce up to 86 times more smog-forming emissions than 2004 or newer models.
  • Replacing a 1990 sedan with a 2020 hybrid vehicle can result in a reduction of up to 67% in greenhouse gases.
  • Vehicles are responsible for 45% of British Columbia’s household greenhouse gas emissions
  • By weight, over 75% of a typical vehicle is recyclable. All harmful and hazardous materials such as oil, gas, mercury switches, and tires are removed prior to the recycling process. The vehicle is then crushed at a local scrap merchant and sent to a steel manufacturer for recycling, where the steel is used for a variety of products such as new bikes, cars, and buses.

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